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The problem: Most ‘how to find work’ websites are full of you know what. The advice offered, is weak and dated. So in the spirit of poking fun at the futility that is finding work in a flooded job market, we offer two solutions. 

The Solution(s): Part one, is more of a pressure release valve for frustrated job seekers. We offer ironic, silly, even downright disturbing ‘job hunting advice’ in the interest of showing job seekers that perhaps their approach isn’t so much the issue, rather that they’re job hunting in an insane world. These blog posts give them permission to laugh at the stupidity that are HR department guidelines and employer expectations.

Once the reader has accomplished a bit of blog-browsing, part two is the Job-O-Matic. The goal of the Job-O-Matic is to provide a resource for finding alternatives to typical 9-5 jobs. You won’t find get rich quick stuff here, instead we offer rock solid self-employment ideas that are vetted for quality. Browsing this page, you may find creative ways to earn income doing things you may have never imagined. Ideally, you’ll visit the Job-O-Matic and discover that you can indeed, can find work that doesn’t require selling your soul for a paycheck.

The categories: For the first time visitor, the categories may seem a little confusing. But once you understand that the blog is based on poking fun at the stuff covered within the categories, the site flow will soon become obvious. Each category is referencing the subject matter of the category itself, but with a goofy twist.

Johnny and Hank – test subjects: The ‘test subjects’ or interns used as test cases for the blog, are representative of the site’s approach to dealing with what seems like job hunting futility. One of them is a mouth breathing idiot, who really shouldn’t be allowed in public. The other, is our hero, the individual who understands that advice given in the blog portion of this site, is just for fun. He tends to lead with the best approach to handling things in a mature, well thought-out manner. We opted to use these two examples of job seekers as it adds a reoccurring set of characters that subscribers can come to look forward to with each new blog post.

We’re insensitive: We do not recommend using any of the Cookbook’s advice when applying for a new job or for anything related to your current job. The Job Seeker’s Cookbook is obviously a parody! If you think any of these tactics will actually land you a job, please get your head examined! This site was born out of disgust after reading ongoing advice from so-called ‘job experts’ who spout off advice that may have been relevant 10 years ago. This site was designed to poke fun at these ‘people’, while at the same time, inspiring our readers to evaluate what they want to do for a living in the long term.

What is good for the masses, may not be what’s best for you.

This is why we offer you alternative ways of looking for income generation via the Job-O-Matic!

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