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What’s My Exit Strategy?

{ Dear Cookbook, I was unemployed for so long that I took the first job that came along. Now, after only two weeks I’m second guessing my decision. What should I do? Thank you, Nancy }

Nancy, tell me if I’m wrong here, but I’m guessing your story went something like this? After many months of unemployment and a severe lifestyle change, you finally landed a new job! You did the customary ‘victory dance’ and gave your new-found opportunity a good shot. But after two short weeks, you are beginning to realize that the ‘suckage’ just doesn’t end at the new workplace!

In fact, you’re probably realizing just how desperate you actually were and feel like you just can’t further degrade yourself at the new workplace any longer. Odds are when that realization hit you, you thought; “This place is lame, what’s my exit strategy?” Continue reading

Become the Office Superstar!

{ Dear Cookbook, I’m tired of everyone else getting credit at my workplace! How can I become the office superstar? Thanks, Martin

Well, Martin you’ve brought up a good point! Thanks to today’s tough economic times, the workplace is not what it used to be. It used to be that if you were a hard worker and the boss didn’t hate you, you’d probably get noticed for some of the work you do. Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but times have changed and that’s just not the way that it works anymore. These days, the only way you are going to get noticed is if you become the “office superstar!” Because it’s not about how much work you do, but about how big your attitude is. So stop working so much, nobody notices anyways! Instead, take notes and learn how to become a superstar!

First things first, no more coming to work early and staying late. In fact, you have a whole new take on your work schedule. You are going to come to work late and leave early, EVERY DAY. Just like a real superstar or heir to a large fortune, your bosses don’t make the schedule – you do. Continue reading

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