Interview Advice

A Grab Bag of Interview Advice

If you’re unemployed, odds are you’ve heard a lot of different interview tips from a variety of people. These people can range from real so-called ‘experts’ all the way down to your great-aunt Maggie. Regardless of the source, some of it may surprisingly be good advice. But with these tips coming in from so many sources, how do you whittle down the bad tips from the good ones? Well. . .honestly. . .YOU DON’T and YOU CAN’T. After all, you’re still looking for a job, right? So, obviously this is not a skill in your skill-set. But now isn’t the time to get all ‘after-school-special’ about it. Besides, I’m here to help! Just follow this simple thirteen step exercise and you’ll be able to tell the good advice from the bad, in no time flat. Continue reading

To shake or not to shake?

{ Dear Cookbook, In business school they taught us a good firm handshake is the way to go. But recently I read that you aren’t suppose to shake the interviewer’s hand anymore and I’m confused! It is proper or improper to shake an interviewer’s hand? Thanks, Nina }

Should you, or shouldn’t you shake the interviewer’s hand? Well, do you want the job? Because if you do, then you better not just ‘business school handshake’ an interviewer’s hand! And here’s why:

Handshaking is a sign of respect. It’s also a sign that you look up to that person. Now, this is great and all, and your ‘business school handshake’ might have even worked 40 years ago, but this is 2012! You need to show ’em you are better than they are. Anyone can hire someone sub-par with a business school handshake. But who wants to do that? You’ve got to be a superstar! And that’s why I’m sharing my three best handshake techniques with you. Continue reading

Interview Dos and Don’ts

{ Dear Cookbook, I’ve been told I interview lousy and I have an interview coming up for my dream job. Do you have any tips that could help me interview better? Thanks, Louis }

Louis, in today’s economy, it’s difficult to know what is and isn’t appropriate during an interview. My philosophy? These are desperate times, so act accordingly. What this means is that the things we were told would help us get a job no longer apply. Instead, there is a new and ever-expanding list of interview Dos and Don’ts.

Before you start wondering what you need to do if you want to land that job on your next interview, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do. It’s quite simple actually, don’t repeat anything that helped you land your last job. Why? Because you are no longer at that job anymore. And if it had been the right job for you, you’d still be there. You loved that job? Well apparently, it didn’t love you back, and it was time to move on. So let’s not repeat those same patterns over and over, okay? Okay. Continue reading

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