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Five Things to Try on Your Next Interview

{ Dear Cookbook, do you have any job interview advice that will help me stand out from the rest of crowd? Please help! Dallas }

Dallas, you are definitely not the first person to ask this question. In fact, thousands of other job seekers are looking for answers as well. Which as you can imagine, is part of the problem. With so many people unemployed these days, it’s hard to know exactly what to say or do during an interview. This is compounded by the fact that unless you know someone at the place you are interviewing at, odds are you don’t stand a chance in hell of actually getting the job! So you really need to know your stuff; or at the very least, know some tricks that will help you answer their questions and potentially help them overlook the questions you screw up on. With that in mind, check out these five tips to try on your next interview: Continue reading

Too Cool To Work Here

{ Dear Cookbook, I’ve been unemployed for over a year now. Needless to say, I desperately need a job. How do I convey my desperation to potential employers so they hire me? Thanks, Tony }

Tony, I realize you’ve been unemployed for a while now, but appearing desperate will not help you get a new job. Especially if potential employers can hear the desperation in your voice. You may not realize this, but it’s a proven fact that if you seem to want something too much, you probably won’t get it. You may not believe me, but I am speaking from experience. Almost twenty years ago I set out to earn enough money to buy my very first car. Excited at the prospect of owning a car, I applied for countless jobs. After being rejected by all of them, I finally realized the reason I wasn’t getting hired – no one likes an eager beaver! So I scaled back my approach and haven’t had any problems since. Think back to high school, wasn’t the coolest person the one who was “too cool for school?” Continue reading

Things Interviewers Look For

{ Dear Cookbook, I interview really well. I dress nicely, communicate effectively and am genuinely pleasing in appearance. So why in the world can I not find a job!!! Frustrated Frank from Freeport }

Dear Frustrated Frank from Freeport. . . . if that is your real name, which I find highly unlikely. Unless, of course, your parents were village idiots or you were named because of some whacked family tradition. Have you considered that your name might be the reason why you’re not finding work? Because I’m almost 100% sure that prospective employers are disqualifying you based solely on your terrible name.

Think I’m being more than a little harsh here? Well, perhaps you are not considering the bigger picture. Employers can choose from a smörgåsbord of applicants these days. In fact, most of the time they don’t even choose one based on their qualifications. Think I’m wrong? Well, think again! I’ve spent a ‘great deal of time’ researching why interviewers choose seemingly random individuals, instead of those who might actually be qualified for the position. Considering your personal experiences, I’m willing to bet that the results of my findings will surprise you. Continue reading

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