Interview Dos and Don’ts

{ Dear Cookbook, I’ve been told I interview lousy and I have an interview coming up for my dream job. Do you have any tips that could help me interview better? Thanks, Louis }

Louis, in today’s economy, it’s difficult to know what is and isn’t appropriate during an interview. My philosophy? These are desperate times, so act accordingly. What this means is that the things we were told would help us get a job no longer apply. Instead, there is a new and ever-expanding list of interview Dos and Don’ts.

Before you start wondering what you need to do if you want to land that job on your next interview, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do. It’s quite simple actually, don’t repeat anything that helped you land your last job. Why? Because you are no longer at that job anymore. And if it had been the right job for you, you’d still be there. You loved that job? Well apparently, it didn’t love you back, and it was time to move on. So let’s not repeat those same patterns over and over, okay? Okay.

Once you stop crying and realize that I am right, then it’s time to move on. Let’s discuss what your new interview tactics should be. First of all, you need to make a statement, and you need to be un-forgettable! So when the interviewer is asking you questions, be sure to answer them by shouting back loudly so they can hear you. Nothing is worse than a timid job seeker. And don’t forget to repeat yourself as often as possible to make your point. Especially if you don’t feel the interviewer is listening to you. After all, you don’t want to seem like a pushover, do you?

This next step is tricky. Some people would tell you to do it on your way out, but I think it is appropriate to do it on the way into an interview. After introducing yourself, knock the interviewer(s) down (physically), so they realize that you’re stronger than they are. By doing this, you are showing them that you are not physically weak. And the harder they fall, the more strength you will appear to have. This is perceived as a great asset to many companies. Remember: don’t apologize when the interviewer falls down. If they cry, you automatically receive ‘double brownie points’ for doing it correctly!

Next up, is deciding what to wear. When it comes to what to wear on your interview, other experts will tell you to dress one step nicer than you would for the job. I agree, but I would go one step further. Whatever you wear, make sure it is red. See, red is a power color. It will show the interviewer that you are confident and powerful. So do not wear any other colors. Instead, wear a red shirt, red jacket, red pants, and red shoes. You could even wear red underwear. You shouldn’t have to show your underwear to the interviewer, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. These things happen.

Interview Dos & Dont's

Are you thinking about using some of this advice on your next interview?  Before you do, let’s take a gander at Jobless Johnny and Hireable Hank’s results:

Jobless Johnny likes all the Cookbook’s advice, except for wearing the color red. Because in his mind, green is superior as it’s the color of money. During a recent interview, Johnny was very proud of himself. Not only did he physically push his interviewer down, he also had the foresight to shout at him about how strong he was, as he helped the interviewer back up. He is sure with this new advice he’ll be unstoppable.

Hireable Hank likes the color red and always wears a red tie. He also agrees it is important to not be timid when applying for a new job. However, he would never, ever, push down an interviewer or shout loudly at them.



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