Follow Your Friends to Work Day

Are you unemployed? Well have I got the thing for you! How about we make tomorrow national “Follow Your Friends to Work Day?” And when I say tomorrow, I don’t mean the actual tomorrow-tomorrow, I mean your tomorrow. So don’t panic about missing the next great national day and think you have to wait for it to come around again. Just follow your friends to work tomorrow. Any tomorrow will do! All you’ve got to do is shower, get dressed and show up. It also wouldn’t hurt to make a button to wear or better yet, a pretty sash. You know the type, like the one “Miss America” wears. Those things are cool and instantly command attention! Plus, wearing a sash will show people you’re special.

And for those of you that have been unemployed for a long time this is a great exercise. On top of reminding yourself what working for a living was like, this is also your chance to network and potentially get a job! Here are three surefire tips to help you land a job on your very own Follow Your Friends to Work Day:

#1 – Follow all your friends to work. You need to follow not just one or two, but all of your friends. You can’t expect to land a job at the first place you go. So it is important to follow all your friends to work. And yes, I know this could take multiple days. Considering you don’t have a job however, you should be able to handle this. If you find that you have exasperated all of your leads, it’s time to make some new friends. I suggest getting up early, like when you had a job. Then walking to the nearest bus stop. Start up a conversation with anyone that will give you the time of day. Then follow that person to work. Repeat this process as needed. Subways and grocery stores are also helpful places to meet potential friends.

#2 – Rat your friend out to his/her boss. Choose the friend who you know screws off the most at work. Then follow that friend around for a few hours. Once you think you have the lay of the land, tattle on them. Make sure you point out to the boss that you work harder and offer greater honesty than your said ‘friend’. (Case in point you just ratted out your former friend, duh!)

#3 – Refuse to leave. Sometimes perseverance pays off. You really have to show your friends boss how bad you want it and refusing to leave will do just that. Don’t freak out if they threaten to call security, they could just be testing you. And giving up at this point will only make you look like a pansy. If they really do call security, who then throws you out on your ass, make sure you sneak back in to the building and demand they give you a job. This will show them what you are made of, and they’re sure to pay attention to you after that!

No matter how long you’ve been out of work, there are always ways to get your foot back in the employment door. Implementing Follow Your Friend to Work Day will certainly be one of those key ingredients to success.

Are you thinking about using some of this advice to find a job?  Before you do, let’s take a gander at Jobless Johnny and Hireable Hank’s results:

Jobless Johnny printed up a pretty green sash that says “follow friends to work.” He would have printed the entire “Follow Your Friends to Work Day”, but he couldn’t afford all of the words. Johnny has spent a great deal of time at bus stops and train stations and has already made some new friends. He followed one of these friends to work and attempted to get him fired so he could have his job, but it didn’t go so well for ‘ole Johnny. It turns out his new friend was rather violent about loosing his job and Johnny is now recovering in the hospital as a result. Not to worry though, Johnny plans of getting right back out there as soon as he’s all healed up!

Hireable Hank decided that he needed to network more to get his name out there. He isn’t going up to random people and asking if he can follow them to work, but he is meeting a lot of new people at worthwhile functions in his community. He is also letting people that he meets know he’s in the market for a new job.



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